Posted on: March 28, 2009 2:33 am

"Why Oh Why?"

Why oh why did CBS decide it was necessary to tweak scoring systems and change roster standards in this years Fantasy Baseball leagues?

Anyone else upset about Jose Reyes receiving -1 for being thrown out stealing third base? Or how about the -.5 Ryan Howard will receive for each of his 190 K's?

The negative points for losses and blown saves are ridiculous; if your guy loses and he got rocked he could possibly already have a -2 total for the day, does he really need a -7? If he loses a close game does he deserve his quality start to be nil and void with a subtracted 5 points? Wins being worth only 7 and saves being 5. Starting pitchers take a huge hit this year and their draft stock shows it. They now force you to start two Relief Pitchers but they render them useless in points! Take a look at Fransisco Rodriguez in 2008 under the newly founded scoring, K-rod's 62 save season would've scored him 455 points. He finishes below starters who won as little as 10 games and had ERA.s as high as 4.07.

I dont know about you, but I feel this is one time were change wasn't good.

And.. If you don't feel the same than your a moron or work for CBS.

Don't get me wrong, CBS is the father I never had. Fantasy means more to me than any job or the damn rash I have no interest in clearing up. I just don't feel any of the changes were necessary. Last year I won a league in which I started K-Rod, Mo Rivera, Papelbon, Kerry Wood, and Chad Qualls. Am I really forced to accept that i can no longer run with my Strategy for Success - Draft Offense, Take One or Two Aces, Take the Best Relievers and Be Online First When Two Start Pitchers Get Announced.

In 2008 Fantasy Baseball scoring between Batters and Pitchers were even. In 2009 they're as lop-sided as can be.



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